Unraveling the Threads of African and Moorish Influence in Portugal’s Rich Tapestry

Discover the enchanting history of African and Moorish influences woven into Portugal’s cultural fabric with our insightful article “Unraveling the Threads of African and Moorish Influence in Portugal’s Rich Tapestry.” Explore ancient castles, savor spices that flavor the nation’s cuisine, and learn about the living legacy found in its music, architecture, and vibrant local communities.

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A Traveler’s Guide to Marseille’s Diverse Culture: Exploring Black Heritage, Ancient History, Jazz, Food, and Wine

Marseille, France – is a city with a rich and complex history that spans over two thousand years. Marseille is a city that has been shaped by a fascinating mix of cultures and historical events, and there are countless ways for travelers to experience this diversity firsthand. From the ancient Greek and Roman ruins that dot the city’s landscape to the vibrant jazz scene that has flourished here for decades, there is something for everyone in Marseille.

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Camping in the Great Outdoors

Camping is an outdoor activity that involves sleeping in a shelter, such as a tent, caravan, or motorhome, away from home. Participants generally leave developed

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The Goodlife and some Soul - Juneteeth 2024

Explore the history of the Black and African diaspora in Lisbon and throughout Portugal along the breathtaking Douro River.  Sign Up Now!