I help active adults, women entrepreneurs, professionals, and business owners live the dream through travel. Take time to smell the roses. Disconnect and de-stress while experiencing unique and extraordinary vacations in Africa, Europe, the Americas, and beyond. Do you dream of visiting faraway places and ancient cities? Does the explorer in you yearn to see and experience the earth's most breathtaking natural landscapes, and come face to face with amazing wildlife in their natural habitat? If you do, then your adventure awaits. Schedule a Quick Call and start dreaming again today!

Are you ready to travel but don't have a travel partner? Don't let that stop you. Travel with a group. Join one of our group trips or let me help you create your own group! Meet and make new travel besties. Whether it be river cruising, safari adventure, culture, cuisine, or exploring your African heritage I am here for you. I help you see the sights, taste the tastes, smell the aromas, feel the vibe, explore the world and experience different cultures around the globe. I help make your travel bucket list a reality. Schedule a Quick Call to get the process started. Let's get your next adventure booked.

--Live the Dream!

How to Work With Me

Step 1: Quick Call

Call IGCall IG

You describe everything that would make your trip special. Tell me about all the things you've been dreaming about doing. This is how I design the ideal trip for you!

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Step 2: Research

Research IGResearch IG

I do all the research for you. I am like your own personal travel matchmaker! I reach out to suppliers like hotels, resorts, cruise lines and tour operators to design your ideal trip.

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Step 3: Book Your Trip

Book IGBook IG

I review recommendations with you and tweak it if necessary. Then once you approve the customized package, we book your trip and make your travel dream a reality!

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River Cruising


The advantages of small-ship cruises include luxurious staterooms, gourmet cuisine and onboard education, and you can access private ports not accessible by larger ships.

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Complementary Cruise


Thank you for your service! Discover how you can cruise for free on select 2021 & 2022 European sailings with Ama Waterways.

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Plan a Group Trip


Do you need help planning a group trip? Request a proposal.

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Travel Trends


Ready to travel but don't know where to go? Download my expert travel trends guide and get some inspiration for your next trip!

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Fun Free Pack List


Create your own packing list that you can save, share and re-use again and again!   

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Join the Community


Learn how to explore and experience and engage with people, culture, history, environment, food and entertainment vibes in far away places!

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Passport Status Check


Have you applied for a passport? Check the status with this tool.

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Visa Services


Get your Visa Approved. Seamless, Simple, Reliable

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Book With Confidence

Book with Confidence-KBook with Confidence-K

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