Happy Holidays – Grabs Some Sweet Deals!

Have you ever considered a non-Holiday holiday? With November, December, and January stuffed with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year’s, sometimes it doesn’t occur to people to take a break around this time

But in the travel industry, the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and the week after New Year’s, are considered “dead weeks,” with a big drop in demand. And in the travel market, a drop in demand = a great time to grab a fantastic deal on a trip. So if you have some flexibility in your holiday plans — or better yet, if you have adventurous family members who would love an unusual way to spend this time together — then put me on the hunt for some fabulous last-minute bargains and pack your bags.

Go off-peak for bigger savings.

The days right before and right after major holidays tend to be the busiest (and most expensive), so opt for off-peak and you can save considerably, sometimes 25-50% off.

Off-peak savings also apply to destinations, not just travel times.

Consider this advice. Cities that regularly host conventions can be good places to find last-minute hotel deals over the holidays. Sometimes you can find a last-minute deal in cities like Orlando or Las Vegas just because there are so many hotels to fill and no conventions going on (at this time of year).

And for beachside lounging, don’t limit yourself to Florida. Consider sandy (and cheaper) spots in other warm destinations along the Georgia and Texas coastlines, including towns like Tybee Island near Savannah and Galveston. Many hotel rooms in Galveston sell well below the norm in November and December.

“Don’t be afraid of traveling during the Holiday season — when you know where the promotions are, the holidays can be better than ever!”

Consider a Vacation Rental. 

Especially at resorts, prices can be as steep as the slopes. If you’re willing to drive a few extra minutes, you can often rent a larger space for much cheaper. There are hot deals available on luxury apartments, homes, condos, and cottages. Other advantages: your own space, more room for larger families or groups, no noisy hotel patrons to keep you up. For help scouting out the perfect space for your family or group, schedule a phone chat with me by clicking this link: Schedule  a “Complimentary Group Trip Consult

Don’t rule out Europe for a pre-or post-holiday escape.

TravelChannel.com author Valerie Connors says, “During the winter, round trip flights to Europe can be as much as 20% less than during summer months when hordes of travelers descend on popular European cities like Paris, London, and Rome. In winter these same cities can be blissfully quiet, with short or no lines to enter major attractions like the Louvre or St. Peter’s Basilica.” Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it?

Don’t be afraid of traveling during the Holiday season — when you know where the deals are, the holidays can be better than ever!

Hire a Travel Professional

Working with a Travel Professional is one of the best ways to get the most value on your dream vacation!  I would love to help you plan your perfect getaway this Holiday season. Click to schedule a “Dream Getaway Consultation” with me today.

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  1. Thanks a lot for such an amazing review about travel on holidays and explanation are given

    I wanted in winter to go somewhere and visit it, being passionate about traveling, but I was a little scared after reading this article I found out all the info I needed.

    Thanks again for this post. If you don’t mind, I will share this article on my social media account. Happy New Year!

  2. One of my favorite time to go on a travel is during winter and that is already going to be here soon so it will be nice for me to try out some of this agencies you have listed here. I like the fact that you have explained that things might be a bit expensive after the major holiday periods. It’s very good that you can give some nice advice. Thanks!

  3. Thank you for these great deals. I really like to travel and will have free 15 days in early February, so I’ll look at some last-minute deals for Europe. unfortunately, I would love to be at the Essence 2020 festival in New Orleans, but at the time I will be on holiday in Turkey.

    1. Thank you BlueMoon EuniqueFashion! Although we specialize in groups, we are still a full service travel agency. There are many deals going on right now if you want to travel to Europe. Grab your compl6consult if you’d like to talk about any of them. Just click on the Consult image in the post above.  


      Ireland Promo


      Britain Promo


      Italy Promo: 


  4. In my country is it common for people to go to their homes for festive holidays especially in December. This means that the transport fares increase in that month since the demand for people to travel goes up.
    I believe this seasonal phenomenon is not only unique to my country but happens many places around the world.
    For travellers, these are indeed Happy Holidays where they can Grabs Some Sweet Deals!

    Travelling during off-peak periods is the oldest trick there is for travellers and tourists world over and I am glad you emphasize it!
    Thank you for the heads up on the New Orleans for Essence Festival 2020. It should be the place to be, come July.
    I hope you will share with us a few travel professionals that can help us.

    Thank you for this exciting post and I look forward to reading more of your posts.

    1. Thank you Edgar! Traveling off peak can save you money while at the same time, providing you with an experience only travel can give! We are a full service travel agency and would be more than happy to assist you and your friends and family with your travel needs. Tell them to book a complimentary consult by clicking on th consult  image(s) above.

  5. I do very much enjoy non-holiday holidays and I travel most at non peak times unless I have an unavoidable business trip. It s not only the savings but the more relaxed atmosphere. On the other hand, I would not avoid traveling during the holidays if it was important to so to meet up with family and/or friends.

    I agree that working with a travel professional is most helpful. Over the years I have been able to save money and time by doing so.

    Thanks for providing so many interesting and valuable insights into this. I will most definitely join your Facebook group. All the Best.

    1. Thanks for your comments Joseph! Traveling during off peak season can indeed prove to be less stressful because there are less people traveling. 

  6. You are so right about traveling at a time other than the holidays.  Not only will it cost less, but you won’t have to deal with such big crowds, and your safety factor probably goes up a bit, as there are less people around to cause accidents and mix-ups.  Besides, the holiday months already have plenty going on to keep us cheerful.  Why not brighten up some of the duller months?

    Living in Alaska, I love to travel someplace warm in February.  The other thing that is fun if you are from Alaska is to travel in mid-March and/or early April and witness spring in whatever place you visit.  Then, when you travel back to Alaska, you get to witness spring all over again there.  It gives you a great pick-me-up, and it’s wonderful to experience spring more than once in the same year.

    1. Fran what you suggest about experiencing Spring more than just once because you live in Alaska and travel to other places during the spring, sounds super awesome! I haven’t been to Alaska yet but it is definitely on my bucket list. Thanks for your comment!.

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