Weekend Trip to New Orleans in December – The Hotel

We flew in on a Thursday afternoon and flew home Sunday morning. The weather was a little rainy. Despite the usually balmy weather, it felt chilly because of the close proximity to the Mississippi River. All that moisture makes it feel colder. By Saturday, the rain cleared up and we had terrific weather in the mid to upper 60’s.


This Boutique Style Hotel Has Lots of Charm

We stayed at the Holiday Inn French Quarter – Chateau LeMoyne located on the corner of Dauphine and Bienville Street in the heart of the French Quarter. This hotel is a boutique-style hotel located one block from Bourbon Street and two blocks from Canal Street. It is surprisingly quiet. There’s a bar on the corner and there is plenty of meeting rooms and space for events inside.  Here are a few pics of inside the hotel. For more: images visit the Photo Gallery.

Check out the Video Room tour.



I hope you enjoyed the pics.. For help booking your trip please get schedule an appointment for a courtesy Dream Vacation Design Session.


-Priscilla Holmes – CEO & Travel Advisor, Cilla Travel

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  1. Rather an interesting post and surely one that I can say that I found to be very helpful and well worthy of a read. Thanks.
    In all honesty, I was not expecting the interior of the hotel to be that much beautiful and exceptional. It was just simply great and I cannot say it all about how beautiful and condusive it looks. Coupled with the environment and the atmosphere. Just to my perfect taste. Thanks

    1. Thank you Rodarrick, I wasn’t expecting the interior to be so lovely either!  In the French Quarter, the style of the older buildings have courtyards inside, sort of like a fort or a castle. The hotel was truly a treat.

  2. What a beautiful hotel! I’ve always wanted to go to New Orleans, it’s high on the bucket list for my husband and I and the French Quarter would be somewhere we’re likely to stay. 

    Do you think 3 days is long enough to stay here for? If you want to experience all the music, would you need longer?

    Thanks for the great review!

    1. Thanks The Forty Something Traveller, I would’ve loved to spend one more day  but my husband had to return to work. There is so much to do in NOLA. I wish I could’ve stayed longer 

  3. Very beautiful and charming. My uncle and his family live just outside New Orleans. We used to vusit them when I was small. I have been to alot if cities but never Nwe aOrleans. I see what I have been missing. I love history and that would be a nice trip. Thanks.

    1. Thanks Larry, you should definitely visit NOLA the next time you visit your relatives. You have been missing a treat!

  4. Great Article and it look like you had an amazing experience

    the room you were staying in looks cosy and peaceful, I love it.

    The hotel looks charming indeed, I would really love to experience the place.

    I love travelling as it opens our mind. It helps us to understand the meaning of life and it also help us become better people. Each time you travel, you see the world with new eyes.

    I am an adventures person, what are the adventures things you can do when you visit this place?

    And how is the food?

    Can you also advise what is included in your travel packages?

    1. Hello Princess, the hotel price was reasonable. Hotels raise and lower their prices based on the season, holidays and events in their vicinity. Depending on destination, our travel packages include the hotel, transport from the airport, a meet and greet, CillaTravel swag, an excursion and or dinner. But like I said, it depends on the destination. Believe it or not,resort and hotel prices are more flexible than inside the US. 

      Here is a blog post on off peak destination price strategies. https://cillatravel.com/happy-holidays


  5. Thanks for a reminder of the great time when my daughter and myself spent 5 days in New Orleans. When you mention that hotel, I know exactly where it is. New Orleans has such a unique style of the buildings, the lovely restaurants, and the music playing all over the city. We had some great nights out. This hotel is really a fine one and I’ll be going back one day soon.

    1. Thanks JJ. The hotel was really nice. Maybe you’ll consider letting us book your trip if you decide to go again.

  6. I have always wanted to check out New Orleans – I have friends who have gone and they loved it. That hotel looks really beautiful and comfy – love the big pool. Maybe I will have to add it back to my bucket list.

    For me, I would probably want to spend at least 10 days there to get a chance to experience everything.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mary Ann, New Orleans is really a beautiful city to visit and there is so much to do there. Most things are in walking distance. And if there is a Hop on Hop off Tour bus that takes you around the city. And the climate is perfect for walking.

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