Discover Zurich, Switzerland’s Secret Gem

Zurich, Switzerland

If you like living the dream, then Zurich is an excellent city to discover. Zurich is Switzerland’s secret Gem. Zurich is also Switzerland’s largest city. The city is located in north-central Switzerland, at the northwestern tip of Lake Zürich. Zürich has been a permanent settlement for over 2,000 years and was founded by the Romans in 15 BC, who called it Turicum. Early settlements, however, date back over 6,400 years (although these findings indicate human presence in the area and not the existence of a town that far back).

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Whether you are traveling with friends or traveling solo, Zurich is the perfect place to start your transformational travel experience. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. It has a rich heritage to offer tourists –with decadent chocolates, grand banking centers, designer boutiques, a world-class art scene, and fascinating history.

A Chocoholics’ Dream

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Swiss Chocolate / Hot Chocolate


Besides being known for its high-end shopping and banking, Zurich is also known for its fancy chocolates. Confectionery giants such as Läderach Chocolatier, Suisse Confiserie Sprüngli, Lindt and Teuscher offer some tastiest bites chocolate lovers can imagine. Freshly made chocolates on-site, Luxumburgerli Amaretti cookies, pralines, hot cocoa, Swiss champagne truffles, and original gifts showcase this Swiss art.

Zurich is a City of Scenic Beauty


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City Scenes

The city of Zurich has long captivated visitors and locals alike with its beautiful landscape. Situated in the midst of the Swiss Alps, it is surrounded by lakes and rivers. A stroll along the magnificent promenades or along the water is a great way to experience this mountainous city. Enjoy leisurely summer walks on the promenades. Sip mulled wine or enjoy a hot chocolate in one of the lovely cafés that line the avenues during the winter.

Strolling through Zurich’s Historic District

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Zurich Historic District

You can discover some city’s most popular attractions and historical sites on a walking tour. The Old Town is a virtual melting pot of medieval houses, churches, and modern buildings. An estimated half a million people visit the Fraumünster Abbey annually to admire the stained-glass windows by Marc Chagall. The five windows, installed in 1970, depict Christian stories such as Prophets, Jacob, Christ, Zion and Law. In the North transept, Giacometti created a thirty-foot-high stained-glass window.

Founded before 900 AD, St. Peter’s Church is the oldest church in Zurich. Among its many features, it has the largest clock face in Europe. “Old Town Grossmünster Abbey” (in English, “Great Minister”) is a medieval church whose history dates back to when Charlemagne built it in a previous incarnation. This incarnation, built between 1100 and 1220, is the church we see today. As well as the impressive views found at this church, it was here that Huldrych Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger launched the Swiss-German Reformation in the 16th century. Zurich’s Town Hall (called Rathaus) is still used to govern.

An Interesting Fact. Everyone Has Access to Clean Drinking Water!

Over 1200 drinking water fountains can be found throughout Zurich’s many piazzas, cobbled streets, and popular attractions. People often fill up bottles with water in the city’s fountains and carry them aroundwater bottle, cilla travel, live the dream through travel

with them to stay hydrated. Many of the fountains have their own stories to tell, and almost all of them contain clean, pure spring water safe to drink (note: fountains whose water is not portable will be marked with Kein Trinkwasser/ Eau non potable/ Non potable).


Take A Scenic River Cruise Starting in Switzerland

Discover Switzerland in Fall 2022 with Enchanting Rhine River Journeys. On this luxury river cruise, you cruise from Switzerland through France and Germany ending in the Netherlands on this scenic river cruise. Start your adventure by spending two nights in Zurich and 2 nights in Lucerne. You get to experience these cities’ rich heritage and progressive future – all of which will be on display during the city tour. On this Ama Waterways European river cruise, you will have a unique view of the Rhine River with its vineyards, castles, natural waterfalls and old villages.

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– Written by Priscilla Holmes, CEO and Travel Advisor, Cilla Travel LLC

Sources: [AmaWaterways, Wikipedia].

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14 thoughts on “Discover Zurich, Switzerland’s Secret Gem

  1. Angel says:

    Dear Priscilla Holmes,

    Oh my! Free Access to drinking water for everyone? Count me in! I love water aka H2O.

    Switzerland seems like a heavenly paradise on Earth.

    I am a chocoholic, how about you? Do you prefer Strawberry, Chocolate, or Vanilla best?

    Zurich is beautiful, interesting to learn the Romans built this place and has a rich heritage considering 2,000 years worth.

    I also found it interesting as per your article that Zurich has a lot of rivers, which makes it ideal for boating events.


    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Thank you for your comments Angel! My favorite chocolate is pure dark chocolate. Clean drinking water is a good deal. Especially if it’s free! 

  2. Rob Keller says:

    My wife and I visited Zürich in 2018 and loved the scenery the chocolates and the people. We had a great time exploring the city and doing day trips to Lucerne and Mt Titlis. It would be amazing to do the scenic river cruise. I bet that is awesome! Speaking of awesome the chocolates were incredible! We loved sampling some at every chocolatier we came across. Some of our favorites were the alcohol infused chocolates we got at Lindt. You just can’t find these types of chocolates in the US.   

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Wow Rob, you guys are real chocoholics! My kind of people. Zurich has it all. Thanks for your comment Rob.  – Cheers!

  3. Paul yadidi says:

    This really does look amazing, I love the pictures on this site they make the place look almost too good to be real. it must be great growing up in a city like this, the views, exploring the best parts of town while enjoying the delicious cuisines. Zurich is a place i would love to visit one day. this is a great review of an amazing City.

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Thanks Paul. Cusine is definitely something to look forward to. But then again so are the historic buildings. Awe-inspiring. 

  4. Stratos K says:

    Zurich is one of the places I would love to visit in Europe. It has a unique architecture and combine with the beautiful landscapes and the Alps it makes for a unique experience. I am planning on visiting it in the winter because I love such places when it is cold.

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      It is very beautiful. Glad you plan to take a visit. Thanks for your comments 🙂 

  5. Jannette says:

    It was recommended to me and my husband to travel to Zurich in Switzerland as it’s very beautiful with lots of beautiful scenery and the fact that I like to travel and learn about history. After reading your article about how can take a small cruise to smaller cities and visit the historic district this is going to be my next vacation.  Thank you this excellent read and I’m bookmarking to come back. I will also share your website with my friends on social media. 

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Thank you so much for your kind words. And I appreciate you sharing.  If you’re interested in the wonders of River Cruising, sign up for Cruise Night!

  6. Ivan says:

    Switzerland is a beautiful country. When you see the Alps, snow, and the mountains..just beautifully. Never been to Zurich but I know it is beautiful I worth visiting. My friend worked for a while so I know that is extremely expensive to live in, but also that the standard is high. Have also had a few friends that went on skiing there, and the scenery, and pictures were amazing. Zurich is definitely on the TO DO list.

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      It certainly is stunningly beautiful. I hope you get to visit one day. Thank you for your comments.

  7. Norman says:

    Zurich-Switzerland is an amazing place, I have heard of this place on many occasions and it seems also to be a great vacation spot that can create so many lasting memories. I believe that this city is a great tourist attraction with so much to see and do as you enjoy the culture and the food. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Yes indeed. Don’t forget the chocolate. Zurich has chocolate😜. Thank you for your comments Norman.

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