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Even though vaccines are rolling out, and travel restrictions are loosening up in both the US and worldwide, international travel can still be a little “up in the air,” for some people, pardon the pun.

Top Travel Experiences

One of the top travel experiences I have been curating is off-the-beaten-path vacations in the US. I love introducing my clients to this experience. The reason is, that uncertainty has effectively postponed or canceled many people’s summer vacation plans. Some don’t feel comfortable traveling internationally yet. In any event, I don’t want anyone to miss out on getting a little trip time in. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore what’s in our own backyard. The US has so many sights, sounds, and taste experiences that we probably have taken for granted. Traveling by car, RV or train are a few of the best ways to see this great country of ours.

I know you’ll enjoy the southeast Atlantic coastline. A trip to both North Carolina and South Carolina can easily be combined into a single trip. Each offers epic history, lovely beaches, and superb food.

The Carolinas are all about that beach life #thatbeachlife.

The Outer Banks, NC, is a line of narrow barrier islands on the edge of the Atlantic. Explore open-sea beaches, state parks, and shipwreck diving sites. Visit the town Kill Devil Hills, where the Wright Brothers famously became the first men to fly in 1903. 

myrtle beach sc, cilla travel
Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC, offers a modern, lively seaside experience, with 60 miles of beaches, endless hotels for relaxing holidays, giant shopping malls, and challenging golf courses.

On Edisto Island, South Carolina, you can experience the American coast at its most peaceful. It’s a glorious, unspoiled area of woods and creeks where you can listen to the breeze on Edisto Beach.

Charleston, SC, on the other hand, is a super historic place to visit. Fort Sumter – where the first shots of the American Civil War were fired in 1861 – sings of the past. Charleston’s Downtown, perched on a peninsula shaped by the Ashley and Cooper rivers, is alive with nineteenth-century architecture.

African Culture

Discover the legacy of African cultures of the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor by visiting Charleston’s Sea Islands. During your visit, you can take a Gullah Geechee tour and experience the foundation of modern African American culture. Take a walk through the streets of Charleston, SC, to discover Black History, music, cuisine, churches, and other buildings of historical significance.

On any day, you may purchase contemporary Gullah Geechee art. Artwork products such as woven sweetgrass baskets, fishing nets, and textile arts were once necessary for daily life. Gullah Geechee’s music is also deeply rooted in a musical tradition brought to America by enslaved Africans. This soulful-sounding music developed in reaction to the harsh conditions of slavery that shaped their lives. You can recognize the sound in music forms that emerged from Gullah music. Many of this emergent, and familiar contemporary music forms, include jazz, R&B, gospel music, ragtime, soul, and hip hop—#explorecharleston.

Travel Protection

Even though we have US domestic options, travel insurance is still advised. Have you ever thought about an Atlantic Coast getaway? I would be happy to answer your questions; get on my calendar or email at agent@cillatravel.com.

-Priscilla Holmes, CEO & Travel Advisor, Cilla Travel LLC

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  1. I would love to travel in the US. Especially the whole Carolina. There is so many beautiful, entertaining and history spots. Which places is a must to go when traveling the whole Carolina? There must be like a top five list and not a small one. Your article just make me want to travel now and relax. Thank you for the article.

    1. Thanks Bernard. There are actually two Carolinas, North and South Carolina. Even though they are right next to each other, each state has its own state government.  They do, however, share the Atlantic coastline. 

  2. I have never been to the Carolinas, but would certainly like to visit and explore this beautiful looking coastline. You mention North Carolina and also South Carolina, so which one of the two would be better to visit first? Is the weather and temperatures quite similar, or would North Carolina be slightly cooler than South Carolina?

    Is there a best time of the year that you can recommend to avoid the crowds?

    1. Hi Lisa, where you start your trek depends on where you are coming from. But most people start with the North Carolina Coast then travel down to South Carolina. Some people even continue to the Georgia coast ending up in Savannah, GA. With regard to weather, both SC and NC coasts have similar temperatures. The temperature depends on the weather patterns in each location. Good questions! Thanks for asking. 

  3. This is so awesome for people like me who don’t necessarily want to travel out of the country right now that the pandemic is still in the mist of taking place. But I definitely am happy that I have run into this article because I love to explore and I want to explore somewhere even if it’s in the country that I currently live in. Thank you so much for this article

    1. You are very welcome Misael H! Everyone is not ready to travel abroad right now. But there are definitely sights to see and experiences to be had right here in the US! Feel free to sign up for a discovery call when you are ready to explore a domestic trip!

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing this article about exploring your own backyard. It is always great to travel and explore one’s country, this open up opportunities to learn things in the other parts of the country that you never knew before. Unfortunately for now we in South Africa are still restricted from travelling to the USA but it will be a great place to visit once the restrictions are lifted.  

    1. Nedi, you want to come here to the US and I want to travel to South Africa. I will be glad when we can resume travel between our two countries. You are so right about exploring your homeland. We take it for granted! Thanks for your comments.

  5. Aside from enjoying the beaches, there is a vast of historical points or events that one can visit and reminisce the courage and sacrifices of the great men who fought for your generation to exist. A great value to have fun and share with kids.

    Time will tell when I have to go out of the country and visit places like this. For now, I am taking chances, as our LGU’s would permit to explore our own backyard which I may also share to you later, so you can add to your travel list.

    Enjoy your Carolina’s Exploration!

    1. Rose, thank you for your comments. Sometimes we forget that while we like to travel to other locales, other people want to travel to ours.  And I would love to know which country is your backyard.  

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