Why I Started My Travel Business – Travel Advisors Save You From Pitfalls

I chose to start a travel agency so I could work at something that I absolutely love. Something that makes people happy. Something that everyone looks forward to. They are happy to hear from me when I call them.

People want to create memorable experiences

Nineteen years ago, when my husband and I got married, we didn’t have a lot of money, and we had six kids between us. Yes, we are a blended family. We went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for our honeymoon. We thought a trip to the beach would be fun. However, we didn’t realize that the week we went was bike week, an annual event for motorcycle enthusiasts. Bikers rode up and down the strip all night long. The hotel elevator had an awful stench of urine. We could not relax, feel safe or sleep, so we checked out a day early and went home.

On that day, I vowed never to stay in a seedy hotel again! So the search for a good vacation place was on. I had no idea that a travel advisor could take my desires into consideration and set up my vacation for me and save me a huge headache.

Timeshares come with a hook

So we tried vacation rentals, which were good, but not as nice as I wanted. Then we attended a timeshare presentation. We bought a trial vacation and made monthly payments to stay at the resort the next summer. We were hooked! At the brand-new resort in a beautiful gated community, we enjoyed a beautiful pool with a swim up bar and snack shop.

The timeshare path seemed good at first. However, we could never quite go back when we wanted. Of course, we had to upgrade (more money) to get the vacation we wanted every year. We endured many upgrades, payment increases, and maintenance fee increases, in addition to another group buying the resort. Our vacations at the timeshares were never quite as good as that very first trial vacation. However, for 15 years we endured it because regardless of how costly, we always had a luxury condo with everything we needed to stay for a week or two. 

Beware which travel company you choose

After I began to think about retiring from my job as an IT professional, a friend approached me about becoming a travel advisor. and starting my own travel business (See the About page). It was a multilevel marketing (MLM) company with a travel company side. I decided to try it because I like to travel, and I wanted to have something to do when I retired. I liked the travel side, but I did not care for the recruiting part. The company offered training, but it was more about recruitment than travel. Therefore, I began looking for my own training. After a while, I realized that the company and I were not going in the same direction. They had different goals than I did. Plus, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. That is when I decided to start an independent travel agency in 2017. Now I can serve people who want a vacation without the surprises we encountered.

Travel begins again

If you enjoy traveling, let me customize a memorable trip for you. Whether you travel with adult children or want to escape for a Caribbean getaway, I can plan your ideal adventure.

Travel is limited as we begin the summer of 2020, but now is the time to set up a day or weekend away as cities open back up. Make getting away from your quarantine an adventure.

Contact me now to take advantage of al the amazing travel opportunities that are popping up as travel starts again.

As you know COVID-19 has impacted the hospitality, travel, and tourism industry more than any other across the globe. For the most part, businesses like travel agencies, tour companies, restaurants and shoppes in your favorite city or destination are small businesses just me and like some of you. Give the little guy or gal a leg up. Support small businesses and book your 2021 vacation getaway now!

Message me here to start planning your next vacation. Has social distancing got you down? No problem, I do Zoom Calls. Book a Courtesy Dream Getaway Discovery Call. No charge. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Hi there, thank  you for sharing this informative and resourceful  review article which is centered on the reason why you started your travel business.I can imagine the number of people that would have fallen victim of wrong travel company/agents. Thank you for this tips,it would be of great help to lots of people.

  2. There are many scams out there that are similar to timeshares and they are big business. my parents got caught up with one and it has cost them a fortune and a lengthy court battle. Even though they have won their court case they still might not get their money as these companies know all the tricks of the trade.

    1. Thanjs for your comments Castle. Those timeshare companies will paint a pretty picture until they get your cash. Then the picture is not all that pretty once you buy.

  3. Thank you for putting up this good article up on your website about traveling. It is great joy for me to learn from your experience but I also feel bad you had to go through such a rough honeymoon. It goes without saying one needs to have adequate information before traveling anywhere and that is exactly what you offer here. I’ll bookmark this for whenever I plan to travel.

    1. Thanks for your kind words Jackie. It was many years ago. Back then we didnt have much money and we didnt know what to expect. Boy were we in for a shock! Lesson learned.  We should’ve hired a travel agent.  It would’ve saved our trip. 🤣 

  4. It is a good thing to know that you are more central to giving people the best life they crave and for that, this is really good to see. Honestly, I value all that has been shared here. It can make wtge whole difference for us. Youknow it is always good being able to see valuable insights and guide that can help shape our destination search here. Thanks

  5. By sharing your dilemmas, your learning experiences and your knowledge of travel is quite comforting! We connected a couple weeks ago regarding Prague and it’s diverse culture! I accidentally deleted your link to connect with you one on one; therefore, I ask you to resend your link. Thank you!

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