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Terms and Conditions

You should not accept any booking unless you understand and agree with the following terms and conditions of using services performed by CILLA TRAVEL LLC. By accepting a booking(s) you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated below.


All payments are non-refundable. Purchasing travel insurance is highly recommended to secure your investment.

If you should go more than 60 days without any payment whatsoever, your reservations may automatically cancel without notice.


Any changes to a reservation to include passenger name change, or a reduced number of travelers will result in an upfront fee of $50 per person and will be required before any changes are made. This fee is additional to any charges imposed by the vendor. Each passenger is responsible for verifying their personal information before payment is applied, to avoid invoking name change fees if an error is present in your travel documents.


Failure to submit payments by the original final payment date requires our agency to negotiate an extension with the vendor (unless otherwise indicated – i.e. promotions, prepaid). If an extension is granted, a $100 extension fee will be added to your final payment. If the extension is denied, the reservation will result in an automatic non-refundable cancellation. 


I expressly agree that I will not engage in any attempts to pursue any charge backs with my credit/debit card company/bank if my travel plans change.


Each passenger is responsible for verifying their personal information before payment is applied. All documentation requirements for passport, visa, vaccination, or other travel requirements for the destinations of travel are the responsibility of the traveler. The traveler should review requirements well in advance of travel to ensure compliance. Passengers who do not meet these requirements will be denied boarding by cruise lines and airlines. CILLA TRAVEL LLC is not responsible for providing documentation and vaccination information.


Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment from potential losses. Travel insurance can be helpful should issues arise before or during your vacation: last-minute changes, lost luggage, delayed flights, hotel issues, medical emergencies, etc. Travel protection will be offered to each guest. It is the responsibility of each traveler to accept or decline travel insurance at the time of purchase.


Our agency provides pricing for quality vacations. We do not reduce our prices to compete with other agencies. We are a Full-Time Agency that believes in quality or quantity. We don’t just book trips; we create experiences. Each quote will include our agency service fee and will be added and collected up front or with your deposit.


CILLA TRAVEL LLC may take photographs or video of its trips and trip participants. Trip participants grant CILLA TRAVEL LLC  permission to use such videos or images for promotional or commercial use without payment of any compensation to participant.

For questions regarding the terms and conditions, you may contact CILLA TRAVEL LLC as indicated below.


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