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Cilla Travel is a boutique travel agency that offers premium travel planning and advisory services for empty nesters in the second act of their lives.

Cilla Travel helps curious travelers get the most out of their vacations by exploring more and connecting with the local culture in the destinations they visit.

Up-level your vacations! You’ve earned it! The one thing we all wish we had more of is time. So don’t waste it. Take in the breathtaking sights as you explore ancient cities and distant lands you’ve always dreamed of seeing. See and experience the earth’s most stunning natural landscapes, and meet amazing wildlife in its natural habitat. Really get a glimpse into the lives and history of the people in places you visit! Your adventure awaits.

Schedule a Courtesy Dream Getaway Consultation and start dreaming again today!

How to Work With Cilla Travel

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Step 1


By completing the form and scheduling a consultation, you describe everything that would make your trip special. Tell me about all the things you’ve been dreaming about doing. This is how I design the ideal trip for you! During this meeting we discuss fees and we decide if we are a good fit for each other.

Step 2

Travel Services Agreement

If we both decide we are a good fit to work together, you will receive a travel services agreement and invoice for the upfront Planning & Trip Design Service. Once the agreement is signed, and  invoice is paid. work starts on your dream trip!

Travel Help

Colors Of Provence | A French River Cruise

Sail from Avignon to Lyon plus Paris

You'll explore romantic cities, foodie heavens, and artistic epicenters. Enjoy legendary vineyards and local vintages in Lyon, France's culinary capital. Take a walk in the footsteps of the Romans and those of famous artists. Get a taste of your fantasies in Avignon, a sprawling commune filled with intriguing museums and stunning UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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Let Tanzania Inspire You!

This is Tanzania

From the bustling streets of Dar es Salaam to the rolling plains and acacia trees, Tanzania beckons adventurers from all walks of life. Experience a unique culture as you explore alongside Maasai warriors and Chugga nomads - their traditions will captivate your mind like no other destination!
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Travel Trands Guide

Awe Inspiring Itineraries

The Golden Cites of Italy

The Golden Cities of Italy

This 8-day Milan, Venice, and Rome tour offers a wonderful introduction to the country.

Paris & Champagne Short Break

Paris & Champagne Short Break

Indulge in fine champagne and gourmet food, by discovering Paris & Champagne.

A Classic Safari

Classic Safari - From Nairobi to Nairobi

This classic African safari vacation packs in a 10 game drive to see lion, leopard, zebra, giraffe, and countless other creatures of Kenya’s most famous national parks and wildlife reserves.

Amsterdam Discovery

Amsterdam Discovery

Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in the world. With its narrow streets, charming bridges, and picturesque canals, it's easy to see why Amsterdam is a favorite destination for tourists.

Uganda Safari Adventure

Uganda Safari Adventure

Uganda is a modern miracle, much like its neighbor Rwanda. Gorilla trekking brings you to Uganda, but it is the magical landscapes and the complete safari experience that keeps you in Uganda.

Egypt Adventure

Egypt Adventure

This is where Ancient Egypt meets Adventure Egypt. These are the activities that go beyond the temples and tombs

Join the Movement

Join The Movement!

Reconnect With Your Inner Explorer!

Do you want to travel but don't necessarily have anyone to travel with (in your circle) that shares your interests or the resources to go when you want to go? If that's you, there's room for you here in... The Sisterhood & Solo Traveler Group💥for High Performing Women🧡Age 50+ Join the movement...And Live the Dream! 😜

The Sisterhood and Solo Travelers Group for High Performing Women Aged 50+

Are you an executive, professional or business-minded woman close to retirement who would love to travel more? Are you already retired and have a little time and cash for an adventure? This is a space carefully curated for the high-performing female who wants to travel farther and on her own terms.

We Believe In Giving Back

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Live the dream through travel

Priscilla Holmes, MBA

CEO & Chief Travel Advisor

Meet Priscilla

Are you a successful professional woman who has devoted years to balancing work, family, and community responsibilities? Now that your children have grown and your career is winding down, do you yearn for new adventures and experiences, but feel hesitant to venture out on your own?

As a seasoned traveler and expert in helping high-achieving women transition into retirement, I understand the unique challenges you face. That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help you reconnect with your sense of adventure.

Join my travel group and discover the world on your own terms. Meet like-minded women who share your passion for exploration and make new connections that will enrich your life. Whether you’re an experienced solo traveler or just starting out, our group is open to everyone.

And if you already have a group of friends and colleagues who love to travel, I can help you plan the perfect getaway. As a member of The Sisterhood and Solo Travelers Group for High Performing Women Aged 50+, you’ll have access to a wealth of resources and support to help you plan an unforgettable journey.

Don’t let retirement hold you back from experiencing all the world has to offer. Join us today and start exploring!

Join The Sisterhood and Solo Travelers Group for High Performing Women Aged 50+

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The Goodlife and some Soul - Juneteeth 2024

Explore the history of the Black and African diaspora in Lisbon and throughout Portugal along the breathtaking Douro River.  Sign Up Now!