2018 Labor Day Carnival Cruise Deals

On Labor Day we commemorate the social and economic achievements of the American worker. It is a national tribute to workers for their contributions to the prosperity, strength and well being of our nation.  So why not celebrate with a cruise? You deserve it! 


Cruises (4.5 days) to the Caribbean as low as $279 per person. Book now while cabins are still available! For more information, email agent@cillatravel.com, call 843-593-8474 or just message us.

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Deposit as low as $50 per person. Affordable payment options. Book by Jan 25, 2019!

Set sail on the Carnival Breeze featuring Cozumel Plus. Cozumel Plus features an extended the length of time spent in Cozumel, Mexico giving guests  more opportunities to experience and explore one of the Caribbean’s most diverse vacation destinations.  Shore excursions like  swimming with whale sharks (seasonal), visiting centuries-old ruins and swimming in hidden caverns offer unforgettable experiences!


Cozumel, Mexico,  Belize, Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan and Costa Mayo, Mexico




Book now! Email agent@cillatravel.com or call 843-593-8474 


Sail Date: 8/31/2019

Ship: Carnival Breeze!

Duration: 7 days

Round trip from Port Canaveral (Orlando), FL


Cove Balcony –$809.00 per person
Deluxe Family –$724.00 per person
Interior –$579.00 per person
Interior –$554.00 per person


Deposit as low as $50 per person. Affordable payment options. Book by Jan 25, 2019! 

Visit the El Unque national Forest in Puerto Rico and experience the thunderous waterfalls or explore Spanish history in San Juan. Experience the Eastern Caribbean islands whose culture is colored with African,  European,  and Latin American influences. Invigorating diving excursions  in the crystal clear waters of St. Maarten is another wonderful way to rest and recharge.  


St. Maarten, NA, St. Kitts, WI, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk


Sail Date: 8/31/2019

Ship: Carnival Magic!

Duration: 8 days

Round trip from Ft Lauderdale (Pt Everglades, FL)


Cove Balcony –$804.00 per person
Deluxe Family –$699.00 per person
Interior –$539.00 per person

Book now! Email agent@cillatravel.com or call 843-593-8474 

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16 thoughts on “2018 Labor Day Carnival Cruise Deals

  1. Nuttanee says:

    Labor day vacation planning now, smart! To be honest it’s December already where did my time go? My husband did not do any thing this labor day weekend but it will be changed for next year haha! The cruise sounds fun, I have done it a few times with my friends my husband haven’t. Will present it to him. Happy holidays

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Thanks Nuttanee! Yes, planning is definitely the way to go.Book in advance to take advantage of easy payments and incentives! Let me know if we can help.

  2. jagi says:

    This looks like it would be such a fun cruise. My sister and her family one on the Disneyland cruise and enjoyed it so much that they talked about it for days afterwards. Looks like a great deal for what the cruise is offering.My daughter is looking at cruise deals right now actually and I will forward her this Caribbean cruise deal. She’s always wanted to travel, the only thing she worries about is seasickness.Hopefully they have remedies to deal with that.

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Thanks Jagi! One way to avoid sea sickness is to  get a lower, more centrally located stateroom. A Balcony stateroom ls also hello because you can open your door and let in the fresh air.

  3. Gwen says:

    Your advice about how to avoid sea sickness is extremely helpful! I am definitely interested in your cruises. The prices are very reasonable and the deals are the best I’ve ever seen’

    1. admin says:

      Hi Gwen, I’m happy that you enjoyed visiting CillaTravel.com. Please contact use if you would like hassle free vacation planning!

  4. Diane says:

    Hi – thanks for sharing details of these cruise deals. I have visited the Caribbean, but just stayed in one hotel on the island of Tobago. I now realise that taking a cruise and visiting lots of different places would be much more enjoyable. It’s never too early to start planning for popular vacation dates, so I will be looking into which destinations appeal to me the most. All the best, Diane

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Your welcome Diane! Stay tuned for more destinations. 

  5. Anita says:

    This is such a good offer, planning early for 2019 is quite essential. It seems early but you know time moves so first that before you even realize it, we are mid year again. Is this price all inclusive or are there some things that one needs to cater for? Is there a deadline for booking so as to plan and save the money before the deadline?

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Hi Anita, yes $50 deposit per person is due January 20, 2019. Rates are based on double occupancy. Message me if you are interested in putting a group together! Thanks

  6. Winslow says:

    Wow what a fun site. All the places I haven’t been and would love to go. The benefits of ship board travel and leisure make it imperative that we choose you to set us up. 

    I have traveled abroad but have only been on board a ship once and that was when my company used it as a hotel docked in New Orleans. 

    Do you also offer ship tours in the Greece islands? 

    Great site very informative.


    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Winslow, thank you so much for visiting CillaTravel! And most definitely I can find an book an amazing Greek Island Adventure Cruise & Excursion! 

      Currently there is a special on Viking Ocean Cruise Line called “Mediterranean Antiquities” – Combine Journey
      to Antiquities and Iconic
      Western Mediterranean for a magnificent 15-day cruise from Athens
      to Barcelona. Explore the storied sites of ancient Greece and Rome, the glamour
      of Monte Carlo and the rich history of Marseille, uncovering classical
      treasures and vibrant cultures at every turn. Overnight stays in Athens,
      Florence and Barcelona give you ample time to immerse yourself in the culture,
      allowing for the most enriching discoveries.

      PERSON. Expires December 31,
      2018 –

      If you are interested you contact me at agent@cillatravel.com or 843-593-8474. Or you can message me.

  7. GVporras says:

    thank you for sharing this great information I been in those places Cozumel and xcaret before and they are amazing  places I been there because I’m from the riviera Maya  I do recommend it.

    but with this cruises is and go to all this places is something to take advantage,i think is time to start planing my new vacation and get close to home.

    I Think my wife will love this, since we been talking about going to Cancun I may give her a Caribbean surprise.

    thank you

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Thank you GVporras! And we would most definitely love to help you plan your next vacation to your homeland and more!

  8. Paul says:

    Ohhh Wow…this looks so inviting!  Excellent idea to get people planning now for next labor day weekend and the prices look amazing. A balcony room within the $800/person mark for 7 or 8 days! That is better than most typical hotel room stays where you only get a cheapo breakfast. I really like the look of the Eastern Caribbean. Am I correct in figuring that we would be at a different island every day?

    1. Cilla Travel says:

      Paul yes it is! Fun, fun and more fun! Feel free to reach out if your are interested in getting in on all the fun. Deposits are due January 26th 2019.

      The Eastern Caribbean cruise is a 7 day cruise going to Cozumel, Mexico,  Belize, Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan and Costa Mayo, Mexico. This one also features an extended stay in Cozumel (Cozumel Plus- see the video).

      The Western Caribbean is an 8 day cruise going to St. Maarten, NA, St. Kitts, WI, San Juan, Puerto Rico and Grand Turk.

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