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Complimentary Sailing for 

medical frontline heroes

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What This Promotion Gives You

We are immensely grateful for the remarkable sacrifices and dedication of our frontline medical heroes, especially during the pandemic. As a frontline hero, you are eligible to receive a complimentary cruise with one paying guest in the same stateroom on select sailings in Europe embarking through April 2022.

Who This  Promotion is For

This offer is for active medical professionals such as doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital staff, lab technicians and active first responders such as,  Emergency Medical Services personnel and paramedics.

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Blue Danube Discovery

COUNTRIES: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia

RIVERS: Danube

2 nights Budapest, Hungary, 7-night Budapest to Nuremberg, Germany cruise & 3 nights Prague, Czech Republic

Discover a wealth of art, history and cultural treasures as you cruise to some of Europe’s most famous destinations. From Budapest, journey to Vienna, Passau and the 2,000-year-old town of Regensburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Along the way, visit magnificent cathedrals and Baroque abbeys, sample Vienna’s sinfully rich sachertorte cake, experience the breathtaking scenery of the Wachau Valley winemaking region and traverse Europe’s Continental Divide.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date                        

AmaVerde         Budapest              Dec 26

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Captivating Rhine

COUNTRIES: France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland


2 nights Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7-night Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland cruise & 2 nights Lucerne + 2 nights Zurich

Contoured by vineyard-clad hills and castles from yesteryear, the legendary Rhine captivates. Experience the allure of France’s Alsace region in its welcoming capital, Strasbourg, and its priceless gem, Riquewihr. Discover Breisach, rising above the vineyards of the Rhine, and Freiburg, one of Germany’s sunniest cities and gateway to the Black Forest. Fabled towns lost in time present you with the chance to taste local flavors—Rüdesheimer coffee and Kölsch beer—and to touch history up close with guided hikes and bike rides. From Amsterdam’s colorful canals to the majestic Swiss Alps, journey into the heart of the destinations you visit.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date        

AmaMora        Amsterdam            Dec 23

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Enchanting Rhine

COUNTRIES: France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland


2 nights Zurich, Switzerland + 2 nights Lucerne & 7-night Basel to Amsterdam, Netherlands cruise

Grand cities blend in perfect harmony with their historic past and their progressive future. Zurich’s medieval houses, narrow lanes and town halls from the Renaissance period offer a striking backdrop to its trendy and ultra-modern metropolis. And Amsterdam’s Golden Age melds seamlessly with its lively cafés, exciting nightlife and glorious museums. Inspirational towns have given way to great stories, poetry and music, like Heidelberg, where Mark Twain wrote A Tramp Abroad. Timeless traditions remain intact—from the making of Kölsch, Cologne’s legendary brew, to the making of Rüdesheimer coffee. Take a front-row seat on an enchanting journey that takes you along the Rhine and through its designated UNESCO World Heritage Site with its 40 castles strung like pearls on its river banks and to magnificent cities and charming villages alike.

Ship Name        Embark City       Embark Date                        

AmaMora         Basel                      Nov 18                        

AmaLucia         Basel                      Nov 23                        

AmaPrima        Basel                      Dec 28                        

AmaMora         Basel                      Dec 30

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Magical Christmas Markets

COUNTRIES: Austria, Germany

RIVERS: Danube

3 nights Prague, Czech Republic, 7-night Nuremberg, Germany to Vienna, Austria cruise & 2 nights Vienna (or reverse)

Throughout this dreamlike journey, an overflowing of good tidings and magical Christmas Markets come alive. Visit three of Vienna’s most enchanting Christmas Markets from the regal Schönbrunn Palace to the charming Maria Theresa markets. Get caught up in the magic of Salzburg’s Christmas Market at Hellbrunn Palace and around the venerable cathedral, which is a feast for the senses, from the warm aroma of mulled wine and Austrian pastry delights, to the sights and sounds of holiday performances, to the colors and textures of traditional handcrafts. Be spellbound by the medieval atmosphere of Nuremberg’s main Christmas Market, and sample its renowned gingerbread. And while in Prague, be treated to a virtual winter wonderland in Old Town square, brightly decorated with wooden huts stocked with handicrafts and delicious scents flavoring the air.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date        

AmaSonata        Vienna                     Dec 18                

AmaCerto          Vienna                     Dec 25                

AmaSonata       Nuremberg              Dec 25

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Medieval Treasures

COUNTRIES: France, Germany, Switzerland


2 nights Zurich, Switzerland + 2 nights Lucerne, 7-night Basel to Nuremberg, Germany cruise & 3 nights Prague, Czech Republic

Walk through thousands of years of history in the medieval towns of Rothenburg, Bamberg and Miltenberg. Revel in the architectural gems on display—the Würzburg Residenz and Mannheim Baroque Palace. Indulge your inner child with visits to Siegfried’s Mechanical Musical Instrument Museum and the Speyer Technical Museum. Discover the Alsatian capital of France, Strasbourg and savor local flavors like rich Rüdesheimer coffee and hearty Bamberg smoked beer. All this and more awaits you as you experience the many medieval treasures of Europe.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date           

AmaPrima        Basel                       Nov 2

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Melodies of the Danube

COUNTRIES: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia

RIVERS: Danube

2 nights Budapest, Hungary, 7-night Budapest to Vilshofen, Germany cruise & 3 nights Prague, Czech Republic

Journey along the Danube and see firsthand why this storied river has inspired generations of artists, poets and musicians. Indulge your passion for timeless architecture and art in three magnificent capitals: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Let the hills come alive with the sounds of music in Salzburg and the Austrian Lake District. Cruise through the enchanting Strudengau Valley and let the melodies of the Danube carry you from one gem to another on a regal journey through time.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date                

AmaBella         Budapest               Oct 31                        

AmaVerde        Budapest              Nov 14                        

AmaLea           Budapest               Nov 22                        

AmaBella         Budapest               Dec 26                        

AmaViola         Budapest               Dec 27

AmaViola        Budapest                Mar 25   2022                     

AmaLea          Budapest                Mar 27   2022

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Rhine & Moselle Fairytales

COUNTRIES: France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland

RIVERS: Rhine, Moselle

2 nights Amsterdam, Netherlands, 11-night Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland cruise & 2 nights Lucerne + 2 nights Zurich

Pages from fairytales come to life as you find inspiration along the fabled, castle-laden Rhine and its breathtaking tributary, the Moselle, with fascinating scenery of Europe’s steepest vineyards lining its shores. Encounter some of the prettiest towns of the Alsace—Strasbourg and Riquewihr—that blend their German and French heritage into one enchanting masterpiece. Cochem and Bernkastel, towns that grew up below a castle, give you a sense of what it was like to live during the Middle Ages. Visit Trier, once known as the second Rome as no other city in Germany has so many monuments from Roman times; and Koblenz, where history meets at two rivers. Bygone grandeur of a different kind can be found at Mannheim’s glorious Baroque Palace and at Schwetzingen Palace Gardens with more than 100 sculptures and whimsical buildings, including the most spectacular, the Türkischer Garten.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date        

AmaPrima        Amsterdam        Nov 16

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Rhine Castles & Swiss Alps

COUNTRIES: France, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland


2 nights Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7-night Amsterdam to Basel, Switzerland cruise & 3 nights Lake Como, Italy (or reverse)

Discover fairytale castles and historic vineyards as part of this spectacular Rhine River cruise fantasy. Start by exploring the canal-laden city of Amsterdam, with its neat rows of buildings and rich history. Then it’s off to Germany, where you’ll discover not only the grand city of Cologne but charming villages like the winemaking hamlet of Rudesheim and the university town of Heidelberg. Enjoy cruising through the UNESCO-designated Rhine Gorge, where 40 castles are strung like pearls along the river banks. Cross the border into France’s Alsace region in enchanting Strasbourg and take in spectacular panoramas of the Swiss Alps. 

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date                

AmaSerena        Basel                    Oct 30                        

AmaSerena        Basel                    Nov 13

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Romantic Danube

COUNTRIES: Austria, Germany, Hungary, Slovakia

RIVERS: Danube

2 nights Munich, Germany, 7-night Vilshofen to Budapest, Hungary cruise

Those longing for the romance of Old World Europe will get to travel into the very heart of the continent, where empires were built, kings and queens were crowned and some of the world’s greatest music was composed and performed by the likes of Mozart and Beethoven. Grand European cities like Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest forever remain timeless. Admire the beauty of Salzburg and the Czech Republic’s charming mountain town, Ceský Krumlov. From grand abbeys and fortresses perched high above the Danube to plentiful iconic UNESCO World Heritage Sites, be romanced by the Danube with all her regal and romantic splendor. 

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date                

AmaViola           Vilshofen               Oct 11                        

AmaVerde          Vilshofen               Oct 24                        

AmaLea             Vilshofen               Nov 1                        

AmaCerto          Vilshofen               Nov 6                        

AmaViola            Vilshofen              Nov 8                        

AmaCerto          Vilshofen               Nov 20                        

AmaVerde          Vilshofen               Nov 21                        

AmaViola            Vilshofen               Nov 22                        

AmaLea             Vilshofen               Dec 27

AmaViola           Vilshofen               Mar 18  2022                      

AmaViola            Vilshofen              Apr 15   2022

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Treasures of the Main & Rhine

Treasures of the Main & Rhine

COUNTRIES: Germany, Netherlands

RIVERS: Rhine, Danube, Main

3 nights Prague, Czech Republic & 7-night Nuremberg, Germany to Amsterdam, Netherlands cruise

Get lost in the medieval chivalric atmosphere of Nuremberg’s Kaiserburg Castle, representative of the thousands of fortresses that dotted Germany’s landscape in the Middle Ages. Marvel at an immaculate example of Baroque architecture at the designated UNESCO World Heritage Würzburg Residenz, a reminder of life lived on a grand scale. Savor the storybook atmosphere of some of Europe’s most charming towns, Wertheim and Rüdesheim; and along the way, get swept up in the many treasures just waiting to be discovered along the Rhine and Main rivers.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date        

AmaPrima        Nuremberg         Nov 9

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Vineyards of the Rhine & Moselle

COUNTRIES: France, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Netherlands

RIVERS: Rhine, Moselle

2 nights Amsterdam, Netherlands, 7-night Amsterdam to Wasserbillig, Luxembourg cruise & 2 nights Reims (Champagne), France + 1 night Paris

Drink in the beauty, history and flavor of the Rhine and Moselle river valleys’ iconic vineyards. Begin your journey with a gentle ride through Amsterdam’s legendary canals, then head to Cologne where you can whet your palate for the wines ahead by tasting Kolsch beer. As for the vineyards, you’ll soar above them by gondola or hike among the grapes in Rüdesheim and sip wines in Bernkastel as well, learning the legend of the Bernkasteler Doctor. Whatever you choose to do ashore, the stories you’re told and flavors that grace your palate will surely transform you.

Ship Name        Embark City        Embark Date        

AmaLucia        Amsterdam        Oct 26

Terms and Conditions

Frontline Heroes offer only applicable to active medical professionals (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospital staff, lab technicians) and active first responders (Emergency Medical Services/paramedics) with valid ID. This limited time offer may be withdrawn at any time.

Complimentary sailing is equal to the cruise only portion of the full fare paying guest, sharing the same stateroom. Offer excludes stateroom categories A+, AA+ and Suites. Solo travelers will receive Single Supplement Waived in lieu of complimentary sailing. Offer is valid on new FIT bookings only, based on double occupancy and applies to select 2021 Europe sailings. Offer is not combinable with other promotional offers or industry rates. Offer is limited to availability, capacity controlled and subject to change/termination without notice. Port charges, optional land programs, visas, airfares and gratuities are additional. Registration as a seller of travel does not constitute approval by the State of California. CST#2065452-20

For more information on this promotion you may email agent@cillatravel.com, or call 843-596-8474 during the hours of 4PM - 8PM EST Monday through Friday and 12 Noon  - 3PM PST on Saturday

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