1. All Inclusive Vacation – Is a vacation where unlimited food drinks, activities, entertainment and gratuities are included in the cost of your stay. These features are included in the booking price of the resort or cruise. The benefit for travelers is no surprise cost
  2. Group Leader – Any person responsible for promoting and leading a group trip. The group leader is responsible for all marketing and advertisement to attract attendees. At Cilla Travel, people who wish to be group leaders have the potential to receive compensation promoting the trip. The type of compensation depends on the number of people attending of the trip.
  3. Groups Travel – Is defined when 10 or more people travel together and are going to the same location under the same reservation. Generally, they all travel from the same point but not in all cases. When people travel together in groups, vendors such as resorts, cruise lines, even some airlines offer reduced rates for people traveling together using their services. Groups also benefit from receiving amenities that individual travelers don’t have access to. At Cilla Travel, we negotiate with travel and tour providers on your behalf. We handle all the details, so you don’t have to.
    • Cruises – Travelers benefit reduced group rates for 8 cabins (16 people) at the double occupancy rate. The rate for solo travelers will be a percentage higher than they typical double occupancy rate because cruise lines lose money when they don’t book two (2) people in a cabin. They are generally contracted with the travel agency and travel provider.
    • Land Packages – Travelers benefit from reduced group rates for 10 or more rooms at the double occupancy rate (20 people). The single occupancy rate is higher. They are generally contracted with the travel agency and travel provider.
  4. Independent Travel – Travelers who most often design their own itineraries and arrange their own travel plans. Some independent travelers elicit the help of a travel agent to avoid research time. This type consists of solo, couples and micro groups of people consisting of 3 – 9 people. These travelers generally do not travel with structured groups. We we do book independent travel packages that dont meet the threshold to qualify for group incentives. Our signature group travel packages provide super competitive pricing  because we leverage economies of scale (more people) to negotiate lower rates.
  5. Multi-Generational or Multi-Gen Family Travel – Traveling with an extended family such as parents, siblings, kids, grand kids, and assorted family members. This type of travel is becoming more and more popular as people are more dispersed these days. Extended families plan trips to get everyone together, catch up on everyone’s lives, and enjoy each other’s company until the next time!  Large groups of people travel together these days as frequently as every year. Travel becomes an avenue for extended families to vacation together thus creating an enriching assortment of shared experiences.
  6. Small Groups/Land Packages – In some cases vendors do offer promotions for as little as 5 rooms (10 people). These are called flexible groups. Promotional pricing is also provided for these types of groups however, if the number of rooms drops below five (5), the rates revert to the going rate for the remaining rooms.



  1. Affinity Groups – In the most general sense, an affinity group is a group of 10 or more family or friends traveling together
  2. Clubs and Associations – Such as Fitness groups, dance groups, wine clubs, motorcycle
  3. Sports Groups – Such as golf clubs, and bowling leagues
  4. Leisure Groups – Such as Faith Based, YMCA, Lodges, Seniors, Veterans associations, Community and non-profits*
  5. Special Events
    • Parties – Anniversaries, birthdays, Superbowl, holidays and other celebrations
    • Reunions – Family Reunions, class reunions, high school, military, sororities and fraternities
    • Destination Weddings
    • Retreats
  6. Business Groups – Such as corporations, meeting planners, professional associations, incentive programs, meetings and training and conferences


Trip planning fees are similar to consultation fees. It is a flat transaction charge for booking a trip segment. We charge trip planning fees to support time spent researching, planning, booking a trip for our clients and for time spend supporting clients during their travel. We consider every trip special. We know that you want to enjoy your trip so we take care of the details for you. We take the hassle out of researching and planning your special trip.  Planning fees help us to do that.  Under certain circumstances (i.e. promos, customer loyalty rewards etc.) we may waive the fee.


Travel insurance is highly recommended to protect your investment from potential losses. Travel insurance can be helpful should issues arise before or during your vacation: last-minute changes, lost luggage, delayed flights, hotel issues, medical emergencies, etc. Travel protection will be offered to each guest. It is the responsibility of each traveler to accept or decline travel insurance at the time of purchase. For your convenience we have provided links for travel insurance information and options. Click the following links to learn more: